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India, China, Arabia, Egypt - names evocative in themselves, names to conjure with; but what is it about these Countries and many others we have not named that work upon our imagination to invoke such romantic images and feelings? What attracts or repels us when we consider other Customs and Cultures, other Religions and practises?

On this page you have the opportunity to tell us what it is that you feel is unique about your Country - what you like about it or don't like about it. Tell us about special places of interest to visit, about food and delicacies you can recommend, or about famous people who have lived there. We would love to hear about interesting historical personages and incidents.

You can regale us with everything and anything: stories from folklore, details of your National Costume, different languages spoken or the subtle or not so subtle nuances of other dialects. You can tell us about favourite places you like to visit or a spectacular view you can recommend. Maybe your true idyll is more mundane - sitting in the garden perhaps or just going for a stroll around your City, Town or Village.

What do you see on these excursions? What sensations do you experience as you pass on your way? A tantalising odour from a bakery perhaps, or the sound of traffic, children and dogs and the wind; the manifold reflections given off by shop windows and glass-fronted offices; the subtle hues and shades of an autumn wood or the textures of trees and old buildings?

Give us your personal impressions. Think of yourself as the representative of your Country, its spokesman, its glossy brochure and Tour Guide all rolled into one.

Entice and excite; inspire and infuriate; praise and promote. Make us want to jump on a Plane and come visit.

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