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From time immemorial people have chosen to live in Cities, those great "Engines of Possibility". Millions of people place all of their hopes and dreams in the potential of Cities to provide prosperity and fulfil long-cherished aspirations. Cities are great melting pots of ambition and desire and can either realise or thwart them on a whim or a prayer. Cities are fascinating and intriguing arenas for all kinds of beliefs and practises and for every shade of morality or immorality. They are a great seething mixture of high and low cultures, wealthy and poor, creative and destructive urges - the whole panoply of human emotion and endeavour.

Cities through the Ages...

Do you live in a City? Is it a large, populous one or a smaller less chaotic one? Do you love it and cannot imagine living anywhere else or hate it and wish you could get out and live in more sedate surroundings; or maybe a bit of both?

A city can either be a place of romance and excitement or of loneliness and despair with several hundred shades in between. Where do you sit on this spectrum; is it all light and shade or only one or the other?

Whatever your feelings we hope that you will want to tell us about your life in your City - everything from the trivial to the momentous. Take us on a stroll around your favourite places - shops, restaurants, parks, pubs/bars, nightclubs, Museums, Art Galleries. Which bands are playing, what's on at the Theatre, any Football Games being played?

What is the mood like, the atmosphere as you move from place to place and scene to scene? What about the people: some weird ones for sure and the over or under dressed, the loud and pretentious and the ones who are doing their best not to be seen? Are you meeting friends, relatives, husband or wife, or your lover?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells or are you so used to this sensory barrage that you pay it no mind? There is always a frisson of danger in the city, any city, that feeling that something bad could happen at any time, a palpable sense of threat.

But there is also a sense of liberty in a city, groups of people are louder, adolescents are even more intent on getting themselves noticed, dress-codes go out the window as the fashion-victims parade the latest abominations, certain of their status as the coolest pretty things on the planet and the sheer buzz promises, well...everything! But does it deliver?

We could go on but you get the picture: City-life in all its messy, wonderful moods, shades and vicissitudes - give us the lowdown here.

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