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Where would we be without Books? Well, for one thing the world would definitely be a poorer place and probably much more rapacious and chaotic than it already is. Then again if there were no books Jeffrey Archer would have no reason to exist, which would be a good thing in our book. You will probably want to contradict us on this point and make a claim for Jeffrey Archer being the greatest writer ever. But that's your opinion and we are sticking to ours.

moby dick picture
" Scene from Moby Dick "

Some writer's you either love or hate, while most you probably regard with complete indifference. Books are the same: profound or disappointing, forgettable or totally unreadable, life-changing or just plain dull. But the truth is, like most things, books affect different people in different ways. So, our dismissal of Jeffrey Archer is purely subjective, related to our tastes and expectations of what a book should provide. If you love books and reading you will know what we are talking about and this page will offer you a platform to discourse on everything literary.

" Don Quixote tilting at windmills "

We think it's safe to assume that having arrived at this page you are either a Bookworm or maybe just curious about this whole reading thing? Or maybe you are interested in reading but are not sure where to start? Maybe you only read books of a particular genre or prefer non-fiction over fiction?

The Book Club will appeal to readers of all types: whether you are a dedicated reader or one who picks up a Bestseller now and then when the mood takes you. Here you can discuss at length or in brief any book you so choose from The Da Vinci Code to MobyDick. You can arrange a reading group, take a Book Challenge; offer recommendations and suggestions for new readers; tell us about your favourite books.

Everyone has got an opinion on what constitutes Literary taste but not everyone is adept at arguing their case. Some people dismiss, say, genre fiction without having read any of it and likewise: some who read only genre fiction have never sampled the Classics. Both, in our humble opinion, are worthy of your consideration. If you have not read Don Quixote or Wodehouse then you are hardly in a position to argue that Terry Prattchet is the greatest humorous author ever. Argue your case here, but be prepared to defend it.

Or it might be that you have started on the journey of writing a book, or have been thinking of writing one for a long time but don't know where to start? Here you can discuss the difficult and tortuous process of prose composition with other writers' who are going through or have gone through the same process. Receive guidance and tips to hone and improve your writing and avoid those frequent mistakes made by first-time authors.

It matters not whether you are a Reader or a Writer or both, for to enter here you need only a receptive and vivid imagination and an undying love of words.

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