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Holidays: some are great, some not so great. The reason it turns out to be one or the other might be down to something as esoteric as the stars not being right, or just plain good or bad luck. And of course there is always the human explanation regarding meticulous or ill-planning. Or it could merely come down to the fact that you happened to pick the right time or location and another person didn't.

Have you taken a Holiday recently? Was it in your own Country or somewhere abroad? How did it match up to the Brochure's advert if you took a package holiday? Was it a sojourn in Paradise or a holiday from Hell? Sun, Sand and great food or: rain, screaming kids and terrible food? Or maybe a bit of both?

We think it's fair to say that no holiday is absolutely perfect: there is always something or someone ready to throw a spanner in the works. Why not send us a review of your Holiday? If it wasn't particularly amusing for you it could well be for us - as a species we always relish other people's misery, it helps to distract us from our own. But we want to read about good holidays too, just to reassure ourselves that not everything is destined to end badly.

We would also like to hear from Companies in the Holiday Business, both Corporate and Independent. You might like to advertise your services on this page, offer exclusive deals and promotions or highlight particular holiday deals catering to a certain set who want something else from their holiday - adventure, thrills and exclusive activities, for example. So, whether you are a holiday-maker with a good or bad story, or someone whose job it is to ensure that that special break is indeed 'special', we would love to hear from you.

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