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So many films, goes the familiar cry, and not enough time. This is a cliche of course and one that can be applied to your subject of choice ad infinitum. But cliches are cliches you might say because they possess a nub of incontestable truth, and the truth is: there are so many films.

But surely you are not considering watching every film (an impossible task anyway, unless you have somehow discovered the means to indefinitely extend your life), only those that appeal to your taste or imagination? (And yes: We apologise for calling you Shirley!) Or perhaps your viewing tastes respond to some other variable you might not acknowledge or recognise?

Perhaps you only watch films that belong to a particular genre, or select movies on the basis of critical plaudits or the hearsay of friends? You might be a Cinema purist and only watch films on the Big Screen or feel that the Golden Age of film has passed and that we are merely basking in its afterglow? Perhaps you are a devotee of a particular actor or Director and follow only their films, or obsessively analyse and deconstruct Cult movies like Eraserhead and Bladerunner? You could be a serious film fanatic or just someone who watches films for entertainment or relaxation.

You could be any or none of the above, but however you describe yourself we have room here in the Film Club for every type of Film-lover - from the serious enthusiast to the only mildly interested.

Here, on this page, if you so choose you can list your favourite films and explain why these films are the ones that move or excite you. You can critique movies, discuss their merits or demerits. Offer recommendations for films to watch (and those to avoid!); talk about upcoming movies; dissect and debate by genre.

Or maybe you have a burning desire to make your own movie and think you have what it takes and are seeking a good scriptwriter with a great script you can hook-up with to potentially create magic? You could find the perfect working-partner here.

The world of film is potentially limitless and the possibilities are endless. Explore them here.

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